How to Sell Paparazzi Jewelry on Facebook

How to Sell Paparazzi on Facebook (like a BOSS)!

If you haven't joined Paparazzi yet, click here to join my team.

So you've joined Paparazzi and are ready to sell on Facebook...Congrats! Facebook is a great way to reach a lot of customers and have a fun, personal interaction with them. Here's a few quick and steps to get you started:


  • BUSINESS NAME. Think of a new name for your business. It should not have the word "Paparazzi" in it as you will be an Independent Paparazzi Consultant. Something like "Meg's Marvelous Jewelry" or "Abby's Amazing Deal" or "Sugar Bee Bling". Whatever you choose will be AWESOME and YOU!
  • SET UP A FACEBOOK VIP GROUP. Log in to your Facebook account and create a new group that will be dedicated to your faithful (future) customers. I like to call this my "VIP" group. 
  • GET PAID. You will need to set up a way to get paid for selling jewelry. Cash is easy to take for face-to-face deals, but you'll also need to be paid via credit or debit cards.
  • ORDER JEWELRY. To be able to sell your fabulous $5 deals, you will need inventory. Your starter kit should have the basics for your first sale, but if you want to order more, log in to the Paparazzi Back Office here. Click the "New Order" icon at the top of the page and start browsing the available pieces. Select items that you like and that you think your customers will like. I suggest ordering a wide variety of pieces.
  • SPREAD THE WORD. Let everyone you know of the great news that you've joined Paparazzi and will now be their source for amazing $5 jewelry deals. Reach out in as many was as possible, email, texts, face-to-face, shoe-polish writing on your car, etc.


  • OPEN IT! Let's see what you got! The kits have amazing pieces. Invite a few friends over to open it with you to share the excitement. Or consider doing a live video via Facebook Live and sharing it with the world in real time (this could be a teaser for your first sale).
  • LAUNCH PARTY!! Set up a Launch Party online and in person. This party is the first party you have in which you'll be selling $5 jewelry. Often you will be hosting this at your place, but occasionally you might want to do it at a friends house.