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March Incentive Reminder

Don't forget, the Team Sugar Bee Bling challenge for this month - you could earn some free accessories!

March Challenge for all of Team Sugar Bee Bling - - add personal information to your replicated site and email that link to 10 people.  You can see mine here, how it pops up my picture, etc: http://www.paparazziaccessories.com/1768   - - If you don't know how to do this, it's not hard.  I walk you through it here: How to Set up a Replicated Paparazzi Accessories Site .

You just need to email me (mandybeez at gmail) that you've completed the challenge by March 22nd and your name will go in a drawing for some FREE accessories that you can either sell or use as extra party incentives.

Training This Week

I am going to try to post every Monday the upcoming trainings that are available to you that week.  These are offered from some of our upline, which you are a part of.  They are awesome.  And easy to participate in - the way I do it is just call in, and listen while I'm working on other things (computer work, dishes, whatever) - I'm all about multitasking.  I encourage you to try to hop on some of these training calls.
Training for this week:

TUESDAY, March 26th - 
Team Hadley Phone Training
Introduction to Paparazzi! Learn about displays, how to do a party and event. Learn all the ways to make money with paparazzi and more!  For all consultants and those interested in joining.
Time: 9 AM PST, 10 AM MST, 11 AM CST and 12 PM EST
Number 760-984-1000,  Code 1098209
TUESDAY, March 26th - 
Johnnie's Jewels Opportunity Night on the Phone
Topic:  Please refer people interested in becoming consultants to listen.  It will be filled with inspiring success stories, details about Paparazzi and information about the support one gets from joining your team. 
Time: 6pm PST, 7pm MST, 8pm CST, 9pm EST
Conference Dial-in Number: (530) 881-1200
Participant Access Code: 107891#

WEDNESDAY, March 27th -
Frank Divas Phone Training
Time: 9 AM PST, 10 AM MST, 11 AM CST and 12 PM EST,  
805-399-1000,   Code #686536
THURSDAY, March 28th - 

Time: 6pm PST, 7pm MST, 8pm CST, 9pm EST
Conference Dial-in Number: (530) 881-1200
Participant Access Code: 107891#
Have all your new consultants watch the videos Michelle Johnnie has made in their own time and at their pace - she will be doing a question and answer call.  New consultants can hop on the call to ask questions or get advice.  It will just be a group call with very little structure. 

Starlet Shimmer

If you need an image for Starlet Shimmer items, feel free to use this one - - everything is so cute!

Set Your Goal

Push yourself!  Set that goal to become a Director in the next 30 Days.  (I posted that last post: 30 Day Paparazzi Challenge).  Here is a video for motivation and ideas.  It is the latest video from our upline, Team Hadley, and covers:

This includes how to book parties, how to recruit, and how to get motivated!

If you feel like you don't have time to watch it, make time :)   A great alternative is to hit play and have it open while you're doing other computer work, etc, so you can listen as it plays in the background. Or listen to it on your phone while you walk/run around your neighborhood.  Multitask!  

Set your goal and meet it - you can do it!  If you are already a Director, aim for Premier Director.

The 30-day Challenge

In case you haven't seen this challenge from our upline, I want to tell you about it.  This is for anyone who has not hit the rank of Director.  If you are new - awesome - hitting Director in your first month is very doable.  
If you're not new, this is your jumpstart!!  Pretend like you're new - throw yourself another launch party.

I want YOU to set a Goal of Director in 30 days!

Here are some ways to help:

--have 2 launch parties - one on the weekend and one on the weekday.  If you'd had them and it's been a while, have them again.  Everyone is getting Spring Fever - that includes shopping!  Parties are going bigger. Also, people are shopping for Easter and Mother's Day.

--Set your goal to book 6 parties in your 30 days.  This includes the 2 launch parties you are having - so only 4 more.  You can do that!

--Write 100 or more people that you know and see throughout your day - bank, hair salon, babysitter, church, gym, work, etc.  This will help you book those parties and also find those in your network that might want to join Paparazzi.

--I want you to PUSH yourself out of your comfort zone and make this goal happen!  The rewards are SO great!

IF you are already a Director, set your goal to be a Premier Director!  Help and work closely with your personally enrolled to help them achieve the rank of Director.  Team effort and team support - it's critical.

The challenge started March 15th - - I cant what to hear of the Success come April 15, 2013!!!!

Opportunity Hangout!

Watch some of the Sugar Bee Bling team LIVE as we talk about why we love Paparazzi!

Paparazzi Accessories Replicated Website Tutorial

Ever wonder how to set up your Paparazzi Accessories Replicated Site?  I have a brief tutorial to show you how to do just that.  It should only take you a few minutes, and is worth setting up.

Why set it up?  You can use that link to send people to the corporate website and they will have a more personalized experience and recognize YOU as their consultant.  Also, if they want to be a Paparazzi Consultant and sign up via your site, your consultant ID is pre-populated and insures that they join your team.

How to set it up?  

First, log in to your "back office" - where you order inventory, etc.  Here's part of what that will look like:

Looking at those drop-down bars across the top, when on your screen, hover over "Profile" then click on "Edit Profile" from the drop-down menu.  At the bottom of that page is a text box entitled "Replicated Site Text" - type your story in that box. Here's mine for an example: My Paparazzi Story for the Replicated Site.  I kept mine short but feel free to write your whole story.  When finished click "Save Changes"

Then to change your picture, go back to the "Profile" and click "Edit My Picture" from the dropdown menu.  Upload a picture of yourself (wearing Paparazzi!).  That's it!  It may not show up on your replicated site immediately.

If you're more of a visual person, I made a quick 5 minute video walking you through those steps - here ya go:


Did you hear??

Paparazzi Convention is in Vegas this year and it is going to be AMAZING.  I already purchased my ticket and am excited to go - - I hope you can join me!  It is Aug 19th-21st. 

You can read all about the details on the Paparazzi Promotions Blog.

And you can register for the event at www.Become2013.com 

Paparazzi Outfit Samples Collage

Let everyone know that Paparazzi Accessories are the perfect way to finish off any outfit!