June Promotion

This incentive is unreal.  25 FREE things.  That's $125 worth.  Awesome!!

If you have anyone who's ever considered joining with Paparazzi, now is the time for them!

Red White Blue


for anyone considering attending convention this year - - did you see this in the newsletter today?

Take advantage of early bird pricing and get your ticket to BECOME today.  Did you know that you only need to sell 71 accessories to earn the cost of your convention ticket?  As a Paparazzi Consultant, you have the opportunity to party your way all the way to Las Vegas.

Go to www.BECOME2013.com for all the details and to register!   I'll be there this year - super excited.

Here's the highlight video from last year's convention - love it:

Downline Commissions

You are all amazing!!  You're doing an amazing job working your business and selling pieces for a profit.  Today I want to mention the other side of earning money with Paparazzi - downline commissions.  Here is what the average commissions are - this is NOT INCLUDING the profit you make on your sales.

Paparazzi has huge potential - numbers are based on real results, what's happening right now to people who are in these ranks.  It holds true to the ranks I've been in.  Listed is Commissions Alone - that means whatever you earn actually selling at parties is additional.  Serious potential!!  This income is monthly:

Director $100-300
Premier Director $300-1,000
Producer $1,000-3,000
Exec Producer $3,000-7,000

and it goes up from there.  Wowza.

Leadership Upline

Ever wondered how your Paparazzi Genealogy Tree looks??  Here's a glimpse - -

This is your upline, with the top tier on the very left.  It starts with Rachel Kirby (on the left), then under her is Robin Frank, then Andrea Janke (in the middle of the picture) then Natalie Hadley, then Michelle Johnnie (on the right of the picture).  I am Mandy Beyeler, team Sugar Bee Bling, and I'm directly under Michelle Johnnie.  So fun to see that it's not that many steps to the top - what a great company!!