Facebook Parties!!

Some of our team is ON FIRE with online Facebook Paparazzi Parties.  If you haven't done one before, give it a try!  I had one and sold about $1800 worth of inventory.  So worth it!  This time of year is a great time for people who want to do online shopping - provide them that opportunity.

Urban Blend

If you order 75 items this week to build up your inventory, you will get these as a FREE bonus in your order - - love them!

Event Photos

Tip of the day - - when you do events, be sure to take pictures and post them to facebook or email them out so that your friends and family can be reminded to stop by and see you.  And so that everyone can see how much fun it is to sell Paparazzi!

Booking Blitz!! jump in!

Johnnie Jewels is having a Booking Blitz challenge - be a part of it!

You have until midnight (PST) on Wed, Sept 12 to schedule as many home boutiques, basket parties, work parties, Facebook parties, Fundraisers, events, retail businesses signed up  and whatever else you can schedule for Paparazzi.

Keep track of how many things you schedule. 

At the end of the blitz, email Michelle at jewelryforfive@gmail.com how many things you booked for Paparazzi from yesterday til then.  Please break them down into the categories below and then a total combined.

Giving away the following:
The most bookings (scheduled during the blitz) - $20
The most home parties (scheduled during the blitz) - $10
The most Facebook parties (scheduled during the blitz) - $10
The most office/work parties (scheduled during the blitz) - $10
The most events parties (scheduled during the blitz) - $10
The most basket parties (scheduled during the blitz) - $10
(you can win for more than one category)

Additionally, your name will be entered in a drawing for $50 as many times as parties you book.   If 300 parties are booked, I will give away $50 to 6 different people for a total of $300.  The more parties you schedule, the better chance you have of winning. The more things booked, the more money I give away.

Ready, set, go - - you've got this!

September Paparazzi Promotion Deal

Current Paparazzi Consultants on team Sugar Bee Bling, here's the info on the incentive for September that corporate Paparazzi Accessories announced on a webinar this evening - - you'll find this info in your email as well:

Fall into FREE Fall Inventory - - Every consultant who enrolls 3 new consultants with starter kits will receive a 10-pack of new fall inventory!  Enroll 5 and you'll receive 25 FREE pieces of fall inventory!
Paparazzi Accessories new fall line

Back-to-School Accessories

If you would like an image or facebook header showcasing some Back-to-School Accessories, feel free to use this one!


My tip for today - - occasionally post pictures of yourself wearing Paparazzi.  People love to see that you love to wear Paparazzi.  Take a self-shot and stick it on Facebook or Instagram.  Showcase your Paparazzi.  I stuck this on Instagram with a caption like "I love my adorable, super-cute Paparazzi Jewelry!"
Posting pictures of yourself wearing the jewelry is an easy way to remind people that you have awesome jewelry ready for them to purchase.

July Incentive

Remember, that as a part of the Sugar Bee Bling Team, you're also part of Johnnie's Jewels Team.  Here is the July incentive for that team - I encourage you to participate and give a facebook party a try:

Facebook parties are a legitimate way to sell Paparazzi.   There are quite a few consultants who are doing very well with Facebook parties.  With potential hostesses being so busy with vacations, kids out of school and the hustle and bustle of summer life, let’s all do some selling on Facebook this month.  I think there are some awesome points in it that will help you to sell a ton!!!  Please read it when it lands in your inbox and SAVE it for your reference this month and into the future.  

There will be 4 possible winners.  The winners are: 
1.  The person with the most Facebook parties in July.  If there is a tie, I will look at how much she sold at the combined sales!  Biggest seller wins.
2.  The highest sales at a single Facebook party.   
3.    The person who booked the most parties from their Facebook parties.  (Can be home, basket, office or Facebook parties).
4.    The person who has new team members join their team with kits from Facebook parties!

Winners will receive Gift Certificates.
I will ask you to send me your information about your Facebook parties the last couple of days of the month to be considered for prizes.

Summer Facebook Header

Hey Everyone!  If you're looking for a facebook header for your own facebook pages, feel free to use this one I made - or have fun creating one of your own -

Hostess Rewards

Some thoughts on Hostess Rewards from the corporate newsletter today:

Reward your Hostess 
The relationship you create with each Hostess you book is essentially a partnership.  As your retail sales increase, so do her benefits.  The suggested minimum reward for each Paparazzi Hostess is 5% of the retail sales generated at their party.  These rewards are built right into the way you as a Consultant purchase products.  Every 40 PV (20 pieces) purchased on an order will be accompanied by Hostess Rewards in the form of additional accessories; but did you know that you can increase the benefits that each of your Hostesses receives?  As an Independent Consultant, you have the ability to personalize your Hostess Rewards program.

What can you do to make your parties unique and your Hostesses happy?  The possibilities are endless!  Here are a few ideas to get the creative juices going: 

  • Parties within a party!  Offer your Hostess an additional reward (i.e. an extra piece of jewelry) for each party guest in attendance who books a future party with you. 
  • Reward a future Hostess! Encourage party guests to check their calendars and contact you to book a party within 24 hours of the current party.  Those who schedule a future party can receive a free piece of jewelry!
  • Milestones!  Reward your Hostess for achieving milestones at her party!  Let her know that for every x amount of party guests who attend, she’ll receive an extra piece of jewelry for FREE, regardless of retail sale amounts.  This same concept can be applied to retail sale increments (i.e. the Hostess will receive an extra accessory for every $100 in sales).
  • Let your Hostess have first dibs on inventory!  As you arrive at the party and begin to set up, allow the Hostess to pick out her rewards right away!  The more she grabs, the more she’ll encourage her guests to buy so she can keep them!  Let her know that she can hide her stash and encourage her to wear some of her new favorite pieces as the party guests arrive. 
  • Mystery Hostess!  Hosting your own party? Put the names of each of your guests into a drawing to receive the Hostess Rewards from the party. 

Make the Most of June - one week left!!!

reminder from Michelle Johnnie:


With ONE week to go in June, you have 2 options for making the most of June!  Both involve 25 FREE pieces of jewelry.

1.  BUY 300 PV (150 pieces, not including SS items) and get 25 Free pieces.   That's $125 more to add to your inventory.  It's a great time to stock up.   Want 50 FREE pieces?  Make 2 orders of 300 PV.   They just added ribbon necklaces, short charm necklaces, peach and blue glaze necklaces and more awesome blockbuster necklaces!!!!!

2. Contact everyone who has ever inquired about joining Paparazzi and tell them about joining with a kit and getting 25 FREE pieces of jewelry.   That's an extra $125+ for starting with a kit.   GREAT deal!!!   For someone joining with the $300 kit, that over $625 of jewelry and includes the $40 enrollment and starter supplies.  Help your contacts be interested in joining in the next week!  I am holding an opportunity call this week (Tuesday) so get your contacts to listen in!!!

Your Story

Great advice in today's newsletter, so I want to reiterate it:

Your Paparazzi story is unmatched in its ability to connect you with people.  It delivers the message of Paparazzi to customers and potential new Consultants in a relatable, genuine, and personalized fashion.  Your story should be second-nature to you.  You should be proud of it and be ready to share it every chance you get!

Take some time to learn your story.  How has Paparazzi impacted YOU personally? Focus on the benefits of being a Paparazzi Consultant versus the features.  Everyone knows that you love Paparazzi because of the incredibly affordable fashion.  What they may not know is that it has allowed you to buy groceries for the month or pick out school clothes for your kids.  Maybe you’ve paid off a student loan or been able to quit your job and enjoy more family time.  Think back over your history with Paparazzi.  How have you benefited from the simple action of selling $5 accessories to friends and neighbors?  Make a list of the benefits you’ve seen – it may surprise you!

As you continue to share Paparazzi, your story will become stronger.  Review it often!  As you achieve new milestones or notice a new benefit, make a note of it and share it! 

June Promotion

This incentive is unreal.  25 FREE things.  That's $125 worth.  Awesome!!

If you have anyone who's ever considered joining with Paparazzi, now is the time for them!

Red White Blue


for anyone considering attending convention this year - - did you see this in the newsletter today?

Take advantage of early bird pricing and get your ticket to BECOME today.  Did you know that you only need to sell 71 accessories to earn the cost of your convention ticket?  As a Paparazzi Consultant, you have the opportunity to party your way all the way to Las Vegas.

Go to www.BECOME2013.com for all the details and to register!   I'll be there this year - super excited.

Here's the highlight video from last year's convention - love it:

Downline Commissions

You are all amazing!!  You're doing an amazing job working your business and selling pieces for a profit.  Today I want to mention the other side of earning money with Paparazzi - downline commissions.  Here is what the average commissions are - this is NOT INCLUDING the profit you make on your sales.

Paparazzi has huge potential - numbers are based on real results, what's happening right now to people who are in these ranks.  It holds true to the ranks I've been in.  Listed is Commissions Alone - that means whatever you earn actually selling at parties is additional.  Serious potential!!  This income is monthly:

Director $100-300
Premier Director $300-1,000
Producer $1,000-3,000
Exec Producer $3,000-7,000

and it goes up from there.  Wowza.

Leadership Upline

Ever wondered how your Paparazzi Genealogy Tree looks??  Here's a glimpse - -

This is your upline, with the top tier on the very left.  It starts with Rachel Kirby (on the left), then under her is Robin Frank, then Andrea Janke (in the middle of the picture) then Natalie Hadley, then Michelle Johnnie (on the right of the picture).  I am Mandy Beyeler, team Sugar Bee Bling, and I'm directly under Michelle Johnnie.  So fun to see that it's not that many steps to the top - what a great company!!

How to Start a Blog

Hey everyone - - I made a very generic video on How to Start a Blog (using Blogger) - - if you've considered starting a blog before, I hope it's helpful for you.  I'm all about short vidoes, so it's only about 15 minutes long.


Hey everyone - - you have an advantage in Paparazzi because of the team you're a part of - we're part of the strongest branch in Paparazzi.  That means lots of upline incentives - here are a few to get started with:

Incentives/contests/challenges going on RIGHT NOW!
1. Corporate Paparazzi - Model on Stage at Convention. http://paparazzipromotions.blogspot.com/. Turn in your parties for 75 pts. each RIGHT NOW!!!!
2. $175 in cash from Michelle Johnnie for doing the most parties and scheduling events.
3. Blockbusters Variety Pack - from Michelle Johnnie for setting appt in schools and retirement centers/assisted living centers/rest homes.

Facebook Header

In case you want to change out your Facebook Header to something for Mother's Day, feel free to use this :

April's Team Challenge

Hi everyone!!  I hope you're ready for spring and Paparazzi - it's coming!  For April, Michelle Johnnie of Johnnie's Jewels  has a great points-system challenge - she is giving away cash prizes.  PLUS, it's the same challenge that corporate is offering, so it's like you get two-for-one.  And I want to make that a three for one - - so Team Sugar Bee Bling's challenge for April: participate in the Johnnie's Jewels Challenge.

Here are the details:

$100, $50 and $25 to the 3 people with the most points.  Points come from doing the parties in the month of April and booking parties and events this month for the coming year.

Incentive Details
·      For every home party you do, you get 2 points.  Must have a hostess who passed out invitations.
·      For every basket party you do, you get 2 points.  Must have at least 3 people make purchases.
·      For every online party you do, you get 2 points.   Must have at least 3 people make purchases.
·      For every business you set up in and sell, you get 2 points.  You/your display must be there for at least an hour or more.
·      For every event you do, you get 2 points per day.
·      For every party or event on your calendar in the month of MAY, you get 1 point.
·      For every event you have booked after the month of April (so anytime from May through Dec.), you get 1 point per day.

Send the info of each party/event and the numbers of parties and events booked in May and afterwards to Michelle Johnnie via email.  Even if you don’t win, you may receive something special for participating.  This is the same info that is needed for the Zi collection contest so just copy and paste!   Send it to her and corporate!!!

So, let me know via email (mandybeez at gmail) if you participated in the Johnnie Jewel's challenge.  I will draw a winner from those that email me for some FREE goodies :)

Simple - 3 Reasons why Paparazzi is Awesome

When talking to people about becoming a Paparazzi consultant - KEEP IT SIMPLE.  Just touch on the three main reasons why it's great to join.  Too much info in the beginning can be too overwhelming - so just start with these ... this is what you can tell people when you're doing parties, posting on Social Media, working vendor events, etc.

3 Reasons Why Starting a Paparazzi Business is a Great Idea:

1. The product is $5 jewelry! 
The product sells itself. There is no speech or convincing women to buy - they buy because they know it is a great deal. Women love $5 jewelry because they can afford it.

2. The company is NEW. 
That means there may be very few consultants in your area.You will be in demand when people know that you sell $5 accessories. Not only can you do many parties and events, you can also build a team and be a leader. Building a team is very profitable.

3. The commission is high - 45%. 
For each piece of jewelry you sell at $5, you make $2.25. That adds up very quickly. Additionally, when you have people join your team, you make between 5-10% off what they purchase from the Paparazzi website.When they have people join, you can earn a little from their purchases too. Once again, this adds up quickly.

Training This Week

Happy April 1st!  A few training opportunities for you, this week:

Corporate Webinar!!!  TONIGHT!!!
Want to learn how YOU can be ON STAGE at BECOME? Join the corporate staff at the next webinar on Monday, April 1st at 7:00 PM, MDT (9:00 EST, 8:00 CST, 6:00 PM PST) and be the first to know how you can take your turn in the spotlight!Space is limited so reserve your seat now by clicking here. Not going to be by a computer? No problem! You can listen in by dialing (415) 655-0062 and entering the following access code: 953-863-330.
Michelle Johnnie says: ***I know what is being announced and it is exciting!  Listen in!!!!****

TEAM JEMPRO Training Call
Monday April 1st:
Guest Speakers Michelle Egan.
Topic: "Highlights from Empower me Pink Tour and Why YOU don't want to miss Convention 2013"
Time: 9 AM PST, 10 AM MST, 11 AM CST and 12 PM EST
... Number 1.218.548.1523 Code 1602 #
There will be a drawing for a fun prize from the numbers that are on the call!
Team Hadley Phone Training
Tuesday, April 2
Time: 9 AM PST, 10 AM MST, 11 AM CST and 12 PM EST
Number 760-984-1000, Code 1098209
Frank Divas Phone Training
Wednesday, April 3
9 AM PST, 10 AM MST, 11 AM CST and 12 PM EST, 
805-399-1000, Code #686536 

Facebook Header

In case you're in need of a Spring Facebook header, feel free to use these (one with text, one without - I wasn't sure what you preferred)

March Incentive Reminder

Don't forget, the Team Sugar Bee Bling challenge for this month - you could earn some free accessories!

March Challenge for all of Team Sugar Bee Bling - - add personal information to your replicated site and email that link to 10 people.  You can see mine here, how it pops up my picture, etc: http://www.paparazziaccessories.com/1768   - - If you don't know how to do this, it's not hard.  I walk you through it here: How to Set up a Replicated Paparazzi Accessories Site .

You just need to email me (mandybeez at gmail) that you've completed the challenge by March 22nd and your name will go in a drawing for some FREE accessories that you can either sell or use as extra party incentives.

Training This Week

I am going to try to post every Monday the upcoming trainings that are available to you that week.  These are offered from some of our upline, which you are a part of.  They are awesome.  And easy to participate in - the way I do it is just call in, and listen while I'm working on other things (computer work, dishes, whatever) - I'm all about multitasking.  I encourage you to try to hop on some of these training calls.
Training for this week:

TUESDAY, March 26th - 
Team Hadley Phone Training
Introduction to Paparazzi! Learn about displays, how to do a party and event. Learn all the ways to make money with paparazzi and more!  For all consultants and those interested in joining.
Time: 9 AM PST, 10 AM MST, 11 AM CST and 12 PM EST
Number 760-984-1000,  Code 1098209
TUESDAY, March 26th - 
Johnnie's Jewels Opportunity Night on the Phone
Topic:  Please refer people interested in becoming consultants to listen.  It will be filled with inspiring success stories, details about Paparazzi and information about the support one gets from joining your team. 
Time: 6pm PST, 7pm MST, 8pm CST, 9pm EST
Conference Dial-in Number: (530) 881-1200
Participant Access Code: 107891#

WEDNESDAY, March 27th -
Frank Divas Phone Training
Time: 9 AM PST, 10 AM MST, 11 AM CST and 12 PM EST,  
805-399-1000,   Code #686536
THURSDAY, March 28th - 

Time: 6pm PST, 7pm MST, 8pm CST, 9pm EST
Conference Dial-in Number: (530) 881-1200
Participant Access Code: 107891#
Have all your new consultants watch the videos Michelle Johnnie has made in their own time and at their pace - she will be doing a question and answer call.  New consultants can hop on the call to ask questions or get advice.  It will just be a group call with very little structure. 

Starlet Shimmer

If you need an image for Starlet Shimmer items, feel free to use this one - - everything is so cute!

Set Your Goal

Push yourself!  Set that goal to become a Director in the next 30 Days.  (I posted that last post: 30 Day Paparazzi Challenge).  Here is a video for motivation and ideas.  It is the latest video from our upline, Team Hadley, and covers:

This includes how to book parties, how to recruit, and how to get motivated!

If you feel like you don't have time to watch it, make time :)   A great alternative is to hit play and have it open while you're doing other computer work, etc, so you can listen as it plays in the background. Or listen to it on your phone while you walk/run around your neighborhood.  Multitask!  

Set your goal and meet it - you can do it!  If you are already a Director, aim for Premier Director.

The 30-day Challenge

In case you haven't seen this challenge from our upline, I want to tell you about it.  This is for anyone who has not hit the rank of Director.  If you are new - awesome - hitting Director in your first month is very doable.  
If you're not new, this is your jumpstart!!  Pretend like you're new - throw yourself another launch party.

I want YOU to set a Goal of Director in 30 days!

Here are some ways to help:

--have 2 launch parties - one on the weekend and one on the weekday.  If you'd had them and it's been a while, have them again.  Everyone is getting Spring Fever - that includes shopping!  Parties are going bigger. Also, people are shopping for Easter and Mother's Day.

--Set your goal to book 6 parties in your 30 days.  This includes the 2 launch parties you are having - so only 4 more.  You can do that!

--Write 100 or more people that you know and see throughout your day - bank, hair salon, babysitter, church, gym, work, etc.  This will help you book those parties and also find those in your network that might want to join Paparazzi.

--I want you to PUSH yourself out of your comfort zone and make this goal happen!  The rewards are SO great!

IF you are already a Director, set your goal to be a Premier Director!  Help and work closely with your personally enrolled to help them achieve the rank of Director.  Team effort and team support - it's critical.

The challenge started March 15th - - I cant what to hear of the Success come April 15, 2013!!!!

Opportunity Hangout!

Watch some of the Sugar Bee Bling team LIVE as we talk about why we love Paparazzi!

Paparazzi Accessories Replicated Website Tutorial

Ever wonder how to set up your Paparazzi Accessories Replicated Site?  I have a brief tutorial to show you how to do just that.  It should only take you a few minutes, and is worth setting up.

Why set it up?  You can use that link to send people to the corporate website and they will have a more personalized experience and recognize YOU as their consultant.  Also, if they want to be a Paparazzi Consultant and sign up via your site, your consultant ID is pre-populated and insures that they join your team.

How to set it up?  

First, log in to your "back office" - where you order inventory, etc.  Here's part of what that will look like:

Looking at those drop-down bars across the top, when on your screen, hover over "Profile" then click on "Edit Profile" from the drop-down menu.  At the bottom of that page is a text box entitled "Replicated Site Text" - type your story in that box. Here's mine for an example: My Paparazzi Story for the Replicated Site.  I kept mine short but feel free to write your whole story.  When finished click "Save Changes"

Then to change your picture, go back to the "Profile" and click "Edit My Picture" from the dropdown menu.  Upload a picture of yourself (wearing Paparazzi!).  That's it!  It may not show up on your replicated site immediately.

If you're more of a visual person, I made a quick 5 minute video walking you through those steps - here ya go:


Did you hear??

Paparazzi Convention is in Vegas this year and it is going to be AMAZING.  I already purchased my ticket and am excited to go - - I hope you can join me!  It is Aug 19th-21st. 

You can read all about the details on the Paparazzi Promotions Blog.

And you can register for the event at www.Become2013.com 

Paparazzi Outfit Samples Collage

Let everyone know that Paparazzi Accessories are the perfect way to finish off any outfit!

My Story - Video

I took a few minutes to make a short (5 Minute) video on my Paparazzi Story - - I encourage you to do the same - make a quick video, and share it with your friends and family.  Some people respond better to watching something rather than reading it.  Here's mine:

And speaking of videos, I'm working on some video trainings for our team - - look for those very soon!

Conference Calls and a consultant Winner

There are a couple of amazing trainings this week - -

FOR THOSE INTERESTED in becoming a consultant:
listen to the opportunity call tonight - you don't have to say a word, just call in and hit mute - a few consultants will tell their Paparazzi Story and how Paparazzi has been amazing for them - it's always really motivational. Here's the information: 

Tues., Feb. 26
All calls will be held at 6pm PST, 7pm MST, 8pm CST, 9pm EST
Conference Dial-in Number: (530) 881-1200
Participant Access Code: 107891#

if you have joined in the last month, or if you've never heard a New Consultant training, this is for you.  Michelle Johnnie (the person above me) will walk you through everything - you can see her screen from your computer, so that part is really helpful.  Here's the information on that:

Intro To Paparazzi 
Wednesday, February 27, 2013
6pm PST, 7pm MST, 8pm CST, 9pm EST

We will talk about the basics on Paparazzi. This is a crash course! Be prepared to learn about the compensation plan, ordering, shipping, taxes, the back office, parties, events, hostess benefits and more! You can see how this business works. There will also be a question and answer period. This is geared to all new consultants AND anyone interested in learning about Paparazzi.
Please try to be near a computer with internet because I will be using a screen sharing program to show you my consultant website.

Conference Dial-in Number: (530) 881-1200
Participant Access Code: 107891#

------------------------------------------------------------ And, for those consultants who sent in a headshot of themselves wearing Paparazzi, you're awesome!!  I drew a random winner for the prize and it's.....

Erin&Sara (sisters working as a team) - - I'll try to get your prize out later this week (when the snow leaves and I can get out!)
Sorry everyone couldn't win (I had 8 entries - that was pretty high odds of winning!) but now at least you have a picture of yourself wearing Paparazzi that you can use as a profile pic, etc, to show the world how awesome it is.

Green Accessories

Feel free to use this image - - - there are lots of fun green accessories for anyone who wants to add some green to their wardrobes :)
Paparazzi Accessories Facebook Header March $5 Jewelry

Reminders for this Week

--MONDAY: It's President's Day - you could have an impromtu sale: "Buy 4 Red White or Blue accessories and get 1 FREE"

--Headshot pictures of you wearing Paparazzi are due Friday - I even took one of myself:
Tips for a picture using your phone - sit facing a window to capture the natural light coming in.  Don't use your flash.  Clear out your background (I made sure my bed was semi-made).  Hold the phone out and UP - it's a good angle.  Instagram Filters are very forgiving :)

--Take the time this week to book yourself a party for March if you haven't already.  And speaking of March, it's a fun time to put together a GREEN collection - here's one I did:

--Take advantage of the Share the Love Promotion this month - you'll be glad you did!

February Team Incentive - Headshot!

Hi Everyone! - I'm excited to announce the Incentive Contest for February - a Headshot!  Get those smiles ready...

smiling kitten

This is a challenge that EVERYONE can do.  I want to see tons of participation!  In starting this Team Blog, I want to include a Team SugarBeeBLING photo - we're a nationwide team so obviously we aren't going to be able to gather for such a photo.  So I have the idea to compile everyone's headshot into a big collaborate photo. I can't wait!

The Challenge:

--Take a headshot photo of yourself wearing Paparazzi - headband, necklace, earrings, whatever you want as long as you're wearing your Paparazzi to show your LOVE for it.  Don't worry about it being a "fancy" photo - just a snapshot is great.

--Email me (mandybeez at gmail) the photo along with your first name and where you're from (if you don't want to state exactly where you're from, just the closest big city works for me - like "Mandy, Kansas City, MO")

--PRIZE - everyone who sends in their photo will be entered into a drawing for one person to win 5 FREE ACCESSORIES - you could use those as party incentives or to sell.

Photos are due by Feb 22nd, 2013.  Good Luck!

Valentine Vendor Event

Valentine's is around the corner- be sure to let friends and family know that you are a perfect source for affordable last-minute gifts.   Leave your inventory out and accessible the next few days for people to stop by and grab an item or two.   From the Johnnie's Jewels FB Page:

I was able to set up at a small Valentine Vendor Event in my area:

Why Join Paparazzi??

So you're here for the big question - why should you join Paparazzi.  I am so glad I took the plunge - you can read more of that in My Paparazzi Story.

Here are some things to know about Paparazzi Accessories and why it is different than other home-based businesses:
  • The product is ONLY $5! That's cheaper than Walmart.  I feel comfortable selling something that I would actually buy myself.
  • The product is similar in quality to what you'll find at Target or Charming Charlie's or stores at the Mall.
  • The commission is 45% (that's HUGE!).   For every piece of jewelry I sell, I make $2.25.  Have a party, sell $300 worth (average - I've had parties bigger and parties smaller), make $135.  In a couple of hours - that's a pay rate I love!  Over $60 an hour.
  • Not just for home parties - you can set up displays in schools, work offices, business lunchrooms, etc and come back a few days later to collect money.  Basket parties are very popular
  •  You can make up to 10% commission on those who join your team.
  • It appeals to all ages of females.  There are products for little ones, tweens, teens, young adults, adults and senior citizens.   The Starlet Shimmer line is only $1 and is super popular.
  • Customers don't have to look at the product in a catalog, make an order, pay for shipping and wait for it to come.   They take it home with them immediately after they fall in love with it.  
  • The product sells itself.  Show it to women, say the price and watch it disappear.
  • The company keeps up with the trends.   New jewelry is rotating in often.
  • Women are excited to come to Paparazzi parties AND invite their friends.  I get random phone calls from friends asking to come see my collection  - easy!.
  • Many women want to become consultants.
  • Paparazzi makes the perfect addition to anyone's business who is already doing direct sales.   If you already sell candles, bags/purses, designer jeans, kitchen wares, make-up or anything else, Paparazzi is easy to add to parties.  You will increase the money you make at each event.
  • Paparazzi sells well at fairs, boutiques, festivals and other events.  Remember, they can grab it and go!  No deliveries after the event and it's only $5.
  • Retail stores can carry Paparazzi Accessories.   Salons, boutiques, clothing stores, gift shops, book stores, etc.
  • Paparazzi is NEW!!!!  It has only been a direct sales company since 2011.   There is so much room for growth because the market is NOT saturated with this product or consultants!  Get in NOW and build a team!!!
  • Make your own schedule.  Work as much or as little as you want!
  • Make an UNLIMITED INCOME.  You decide how much you want to make!  SERIOUSLY!
  • There is no monthly or quarterly minimum purchase.  You only have to buy 100 pieces in an entire year to be a consultant. 
Paparazzi has huge potential - numbers are based on real results, what's happening right now to people who are in these ranks.  It holds true to the ranks I've been in.  Listed is Commissions Alone - that means whatever you earn selling at parties is additional.  Serious potential!!  This income is monthly:
Director $100-300
Premier Director $300-1,000
Producer $1,000-3,000
Exec Producer $3,000-7,000

and it goes up from there.  Wowza.

If you're considering joining, you'll want to be on a Strong Team - learn more about My Paparazzi Team, Team Sugar Bee Bling.

I am consultant #1768.
You can check out the main Paparazzi Accessories Website for more information.
Please, feel free to ask me ANY questions you may have concerning Paparazzi Accessories - you can email me at { mandybeez at gmail }

Team Sugar Bee BLING

I have an AMAZING group of ladies on my Paparazzi Team - I am honored to be able to work with them.

I can't stress enough how important it is to join a strong and supportive team if you are considering becoming a Paparazzi Consultant.  With a strong upline, you get quality support and a buoy of information.  Team Sugar Bee BLING can offer that to you.  Some things to consider:

  • I have a NATIONWIDE team and feel that I specialize in being able to support my long-distance team.  I do this through emails, phone calls, facebook support groups, this blog, newsletters and more.  Whatever assistance you need is right there - I'm just an email or phone call away.
  • I offer special incentives to my team to help them grow and expand as they reach goals.
  • My team is part of the strongest line in Paparazzi - the Upline is unbelievable and my team is a part of that.  Various uplines offer different ADDITIONAL incentives to their teams each month, along with a few great exclusive Consultant Informational Websites - my team has access to those.  The upline is a great benefit of being on Team Sugar Bee BLING.
  • My team is strong and a great size - but not too big, so you won't get lost.  You'll get the individual attention you need to be successful.
  • If you would love to sign up under a consultant near you but still be under my umbrella, I'd be happy to put you in touch with one of my team members closest to you.
I am Consultant #1768.
Check this out if you would like to learn more about My Paparazzi Story.
Check this out if you would like to learn more about Why To Join Paparazzi.
You can view a Paparazzi Enrollment Form Here.
And you can check out the main Paparazzi Accessories Website for more information.

Please, feel free to ask me ANY questions you may have concerning Paparazzi Accessories - you can email me at { mandybeez at gmail }

The upline, straight to the top:

This is your upline, with the top tier on the very left.  It starts with Rachel Kirby (on the left), then under her is Robin Frank, then Andrea Janke (in the middle of the picture) then Natalie Hadley, then Michelle Johnnie (on the right of the picture).  I am Mandy Beyeler, team Sugar Bee Bling, and I'm directly under Michelle Johnnie.  So fun to see that it's not that many steps to the top - what a great company!!

My Paparazzi Story

Hi -  I'm Mandy and I love Paparazzi Accessories!  I have been a consultant since the end of July 2011, and have advanced to the rank of Producer.  I am so grateful that Paparazzi has been a part of my life.  Let me share a little of my Paparazzi Story with you.

I enjoy being a wife and mom to 4 wonderful kiddos - I am currently able to stay home and enjoy the opportunity I have to work at home.

I found out about Paparazzi through a blogging friend - I had never even heard of it before.  She was looking for people to join her team.  It was out of the blue and I had never before given much thought to becoming a consultant for any home based sales company. I normally would have politely declined, but as I read her email, over and over, something about it pulled me in - mainly the $5 pricepoint and how amazing that sounded.

I couldn't stop thinking about it and after a couple of nights discussion with my husband, he pushed me into the decision to just give it a try.  He had recently been reading a book that talked about how we all need multiple streams of income - or in other words, several different ways to bring in income, so they all stack to gain wealth.  He saw this as a great way to gain a stream of income, and it made sense to me. He also pointed out that there wasn't a risk - you were getting product for the kit, it wasn't like you were paying a fee that didn't come with anything.  He actually signed me up so I could stop agonizing over the decision -  I bought the medium kit, sight-unseen.

Having never been to a party - and never even seeing the jewelry at all (I didn't even have sample pictures to look at - the company didn't have that listed on their website at the time), I was nervous but excited.  When I opened the box filled with my order, I was FLOORED - I could not believe how cute and trendy everything was - it seemed surreal that it was all just $5.  A sampling of what came in my kit - -

I hosted my own first party - also known as a "launch party" - and the response was amazing.  No one could believe the amazing prices - I didn't have to do any "selling" at all - the jewelry and accessories sold themselves.  I got several leads on others who would host parties for me.  And it ballooned from there.

I was able to pay myself back for what I invested in my starter kit in just 2 1/2 parties.  And that was with the step-up kit - if it were a small kit, I would have paid it back in almost 1 party.

A couple of months after I started, I was still pumped about Paparazzi and wanted to share it with everyone - and I started to build a team.  I love selling it and I want others to see how awesome it is.  One of the gals on my team stated "I can't believe this is so EASY! If it weren't, I wouldn't be doing it".   I started to build a team, and I began to realize the power in having commissions from a downline in addition to party sales.  It was a discovery of just another way that Paparazzi is amazing.  I made hundreds of dollars with just my downline check - and then party sales were on top of that.  This was real and I was excited to see things grow.

My goal for 2012 was to help our family buy a new-to-us van with cash.  We had been saving up and continued to do so throughout the year.  In addition to that savings, I saved all my earnings with Paparazzi and contributed, in addition to our family contribution, each month to our Van Fund.  In the fall we were able to purchase a van much nicer than I had ever dreamed:

I love sharing the story of my success with Paparazzi - I have only been with the company for about a year and a half, and it's been great.  The opportunity to make money is immediate with this company - ANYONE can have success with Paparazzi Accessories.  The friend that I signed under quit her job because she was making more with Paparazzi - and then her husband was about to quit as well - they work Paparazzi full time.  It can be whatever you dream it to be.

My team is nationwide and part of the strongest line in Paparazzi - I would LOVE to have you on my team.  If you would like to learn more about my team, check out the Sugar Bee BLING Team Info page.

I am consultant #1768.  Thank you for letting me share a little of my story.  If you would have told me a couple of years ago that I would be thriving with a home-based business, I would not have believed you.  I am so glad I gave Paparazzi a chance!!

Paparazzi is changing lives - giving affordable confidence to women who are changing the world.  Providing substantial income for women everyday.

Please, feel free to ask me ANY questions you may have concerning Paparazzi Accessories - you can email me at { mandybeez at gmail }

Other areas of interest:
--all about My Team, Sugar Bee BLING
--more about Paparazzi and Why To Join
--main Paparazzi Accessories Website for more information.

A quick, 5-minute video all about why I joined Paparazzi Accessories - -